Raise Your Game Show with Alan Stein, Jr.

Leading with Poise and Optimism in Times Like This (Special Episode)

Episode Summary

To say the world has changed since I finished recording Season 2 would be the understatement of the year. I hope you, your families, your colleagues, your teams, your businesses, and your communities are remaining healthy, optimistic, and relatively sane during this unprecedented time. For those of you that have been most deeply affected – from being sick to losing a loved one to being laid off to having to lay members of your team off to seeing your business go under – I wish you the strength, grit, and resilience to persevere. For those of you that have merely been inconvenienced and had your lives disrupted – I wish you the strength to make the best of your situation, remain positive, and find new opportunities for self-development. For the past three weeks I’ve tried to remain poised, positive, and keep a healthy perspective during this global crisis. And that’s the goal of this episode – to create a verbal collage of the myriad of social posts I’ve made in hopes of filling your bucket, providing you with some optimism, and serve as a helpful resource.

Episode Notes

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